Glogster Poster Project- #2
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States of America.

Does History Repeat Itself?

Project Purpose:

  • As we move our way through different time periods in history and become more knowledgeable about historical events, we will likely begin to see similarities between some of the historical events of the past and events that are currently taking place or unfolding in front of our eyes… If this is true, then the more that we study history and try to understand why and how past events happened, the more prepared we will be for the future.

  • This project is designed to guide you through the process of seeing similarities and making connections between the historical events of the past and the events that are currently taking place in 2010.

Project Description:

  • Last week we began to look at some of the issues that President Obama has faced and some of the events that took place during his first 2 years as President. After doing some research and learning more about what Obama has been trying to accomplish, you were able to form your own well-informed personal opinions of him.

  • For the next 2 weeks, we are going to take it a step further by analyzing and comparing what we already know about the first half of Obama’s Presidency to the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. After researching and comparing the similarities, you will make an educated prediction based on your research that describes the long-term effectiveness of Obama’s policies and how his Presidency will be remembered in the future.
This Week: Monday, November 8th through Friday, November 12th
Your task will be to research Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Presidency and gain a general understanding of the key issues of the time period. You will do this by developing a Glogster Poster that highlights major issues FDR was faced with and accomplishments he made during his Presidency.
Your Glog Poster Project Requirements are
1. A minimum of 2 major issues FDR was faced with and how he addressed each one. Ideas for research are…
· The economy and FDR’s plan to fix it… FDR’s New Deal
· Health Care and the plan/idea FDR supported…
· International Relations and FDR’s stance on War…
2. At least one picture symbolizing each major issue you include in your Glog… (which means you will need a total of at least 2 pictures)

3. At least one video that relates to what you learned in some way.

4. At least 2 clickable links that bring the viewer to your sources or the websites that you got your information from.

There is an FDR Glog Project page on the class Wikispace where you will find a description of the project, a grading rubric, and all necessary resources to help you get started on the project.
Your FDR Glog must be completed and posted to the History page of your Wikispace no later than Friday, November 12.
Projects will be docked points if they are not posted to the History section of your Wikispaces on time.

American History Wikispace: