~Welcome to our 8th Grade Fakebook.BA Glogster Project Page~

Our 8th grade American History class is going to research several historically significant leaders that were involved in the early development of the country. Soon after the American Revolution, leaders from each of the 13 states, known as delegates, gathered in Philadelphia for the Constitutional Convention. This project is going to help us analyze and compare some of the most popular delegates that were at the convention to see if there are any common simularities or differences between delegates from the north and delegates from the south. We will compare and contrast each of the delegates while paying close attention to the Political, Social, and Economic tendencies of northern delegates in comparison to southern delegates. In the end, we will draw conclusions to the possible causes for some of the simularities and/or differences that we found between the northern delegates and the southern delegates.

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Project Description: Imagine our entire class went back in time to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 to develop Fakebook.BA Profile Pages for some of the delegates attending the Convention. To get the job done quickly, we need to split the class into several small groups and have each group research one delegate and develop the Fakebook profile for that delegate. Each group will use the information that they gathered to highlight specific characteristics of their delegate. In the end, we will share our delegate Fakebook Profiles with each other and try to identify common simularities and/or differences among the delegates.

Below is an example of the Fakebook template that your group will use to get started...

*When your Fakebook profile is finished, anybody that views it should be able to figure out the answers to the following questions about your delegate...

- What state your delegate was representing at the Constitutional Convention?

- Was the state your delegate represented considered Large or Small?

- Did your delegate support the Virginia Plan or the New Jersey Plan?

- Did your delegate support slavery?

- What may have been the reason your delegate did or did not support slavery?

- How did your delegate make a living before politics?

*The questions above are referred to as Core Questions in the rubric.

All information can be found on the following websites-

-Use this informational website to do your research: The Constitutional Convention

-Find real quotes said by your delegate on this website: FoundingFatherQuotes

*It is important that each group member comtributes and gives their best effort. *Creativity is highly encourged, but remember that accuracy is also very important. MORE project details below...

Your Project Grade will be broken down as follows...

*This technology project is going to be worth a total of 500 points towards your overall grade. This means it will have a major impact on your grade for quarter #3.

The 500 points will be broken down as follows:

-250 points will depend on your daily behavior/participation. 50pts. per day for all 5 days of the project= 250pts. In order to earn all 50 points each day you must:
a. Completion of daily task 10pts.
b. Stay seated with your group at all times, unless otherwise instructed. 10pts..
c. Stay on-task 100% of the time & use appropriate communication with your group. (talk quietly) 10pts..
d. Using Netbook for research only. (NO prohibited websites/music) 10pts..
e. Each member of the group cooperates/participates equally. Work should be fairly divided. 10pts..

-200 points will depend on your final Glogster. In order to earn all 200pts, You Fakebook Glog must include:

a. Completion-All template sections are complete and core questions answered. 100pts.
b. Accuracy-Core information provided accurately represents the delegate's life/personal characteristics. 40pts.
c. Creativity-Core questions are not directly answered, but are included in the profile in a variety of interesting ways. 40pts.
d. Submission-Finished product is submitted on-time and to the correct location. 20pts.

-50 points will depend on your reflection responses that you will post to the discussion board section of tmcintosh.wikispaces.com. In order to earn all 50pts, you must…
a. Response includes all necessary components 17pts.
b. Response is thoughtful and reflects on the new learning 17pts.
c. Response is posted on-time 17pts.

*Project Rubric breaks down the grading system in greater detail.

*Your group’s final Fakebook Glog is worth 200 points towards your overall project grade. To earn all 200 points, your Fakebook Glog must meet the following criteria:

Content Requirements
All template sections are complete and are done exceptionally well. All core questions can easily be answered after viewing this Fakebook Profile.
All template sections are complete. Some of the core questions are difficult to answer after viewing this Fakebook Profile.
Missing one or more sections from the original template and did not include core information.
Missing multiple sections from the original template. Content is minimal.
Core information provided accurately represents the delegate. It is clear that extensive research was done.
Most of the Core information provided is accurate.
Information provided is inaccurate, but shows some evidence of research.
Information provided lacks any evidence that research was done.
In addition to accurate information, group displays high levels of creativity by adding interesting elements to the Fakebook profile.
Project shows some signs of creativity, but did not add too much personal touch to the basic template.
Project includes basic template with no attempt to add additional elements.
Project lacks elements from the basic template.
Submitted on-time and to correct location.

~Student Groupings by class~
8A Project Groups-
Group 1- Jerome, Taron, Keith-Benjamin Franklin: http://kshaw1.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 2- Danique, Barbara, Steven-Roger Sherman: http://dgordon1ba.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 3- Zhiare, Kasedi-William Patterson: http://kxavier.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 4- Destiny, Kiara, Yeremi-Alexander Hamilton: http://dcolorado.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 5- Savion, Joe, Samantha-James Madison: http://satkinson1.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 6- Aubaney, Dalma, Tansha-Pierce Butler: http://dabreu1ba.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 7- LaShira, TiErra, Melaine-Abraham Baldwin: http://ljones1ba.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 8- Zaria, RaJae, Cedelice-Charles C. Pinckney: http://cfrazier1ba.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 9- Elizandra, Carie, Saterria-Rufus King: http://estubbs1.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/

8B Project Groups
Group 1- Fahim, Natasha, Kimara- Benjamin Franklin: http://fabsar.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 2- Jeremiah, Cheyianne, Anius- Roger Sherman: http://awilliams1ba.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 3- Qamar, Janaya, Noah- William Patterson: http://qwilliams1.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 4- Ritozeh, Nicole, Raheem- Alexander Hamilton: http://nmota.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 5- Sonny, Jahni, Eddie- James Madison: http://jwatson1ba.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 6- Robert, JaKeem, Maelis-Pierce Butler: http://rmiddleton.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template/
Group 7- Nakia, Simone, Juan- Abraham Baldwin: http://shopwood.edu.glogster.com/false/
Group 8- Ibrahim, Shainyqua, Hector-Charles C. Pinckney: http://halmodovar.edu.glogster.com/facebook-template

Monday- Research/ Fill out information packet

Your delegate is… ? You will find out in class
1. Your group’s task for Monday 2/14/11 is to begin to research your delegate.

· Using the website links from tmcintosh.wikispaces.com on the Fakebook.BA project page, you must find information and learn about your delegate.

2. Each member of your group should take an equal portion of the research and share the information with each other.

· Monday’s task is already divided into three separate pages, each member should take on one of those pages.

3. Be sure to fill in the Research information that you find onto the appropriate section of your group packet to receive full credit for your work.
  • I will be collecting the group packet at the end of class to grade them, so make sure you have them completed by the end of the class period.

Tuesday- Finish Research/ Hand in information packet for a grade
  • Our goal for today is to complete the research stage of this project.
  • By the end of class, your group should have all sections of the packet filled in.
  • I will be collecting the packet at the end of class to make sure all sections are complete.

Wednesday 2/16- Creative Circle Brainstorming/Fakebook Development

· We will begin class with a brainstorming exercise that will help add creative ideas to the research your group has done so far.

· We will then begin to develop our Fakebook Profiles. The following steps will help guide this process.

1. Each group will then get two Netbooks, one to begin developing the Fakebook with, and the other to find last minute information/search for pictures.
2. Choose a responsible member from your group that is willing to use their Glogster account for the group project.

3. Once you sign-in to that members Glogster account you will find the Fakebook template that I made for you to use. You are welcome to alter the template design slightly, but it is important that all the categories are still included.
*It is important that all group members are involved in the creation of the Fakebook profile. EACH member should get a chance to use the Netbook and develop the project.

~Your Delegate’s Friends~
· Benjamin Franklin
· Roger Sherman
· William Patterson
· Alexander Hamilton
· James Madison
· Pierce Butler
· Abraham Baldwin
· Charles C. Pinckney
· John Adams
· Rufus King

Thursday 2/17- Fakebook Development

  • Today we will continue developing our group's Fakebook Profiles.
  • It is important to keep in mind the day-to-day grading system that requires each student to participate equally on the task. Even if you do not have a Netbook in front of you, you can still find ways to participate.

Friday 2/18Complete and Submit Fakebook.BA Glogster Profiles
Your Group will have about 20 minutes to put the finishing touches on your delegates Fakebook Profile. When timer sounds, your group needs to…
a. Save Fakebook Glog as Finished Private being sure to name it using the following format: (delegate’s name)’s Fakebook.BA Profile
*Be sure that each group member’s name is added to the project.
Next, I will display the Name and URL Address of each project on the Smartboard. Each group will have about 10 minutes to…
b. Use the URL Addresses from the Smartboard to Link each group’s Fakebook project to the correct picture in the Friends” section of your delegate’s profile. Click Save once more and double check that it saved.
For the last 10 minutes of class, each group needs to…
c. Post the URL Address of your group’s Finished project to the Discussion section of tmcintosh.wikispaces.com.
1. Click the thread subject that has your class section in the title and use the following format to submit your group’s project
Subject Box: (Delegate’s Name)’s Fakebook.BA Profile
Reply: Created by… (List the members of your group)
(Paste URL Address HERE)