Glogster Poster Project- #1
President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama
The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

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~Glogster Poster Project ~

Project Description: President Obama has now been in office for almost 2 years. Many Americans have mixed feelings about what the president has accomplished so far in his presidential term. In order to form our own opinions about how well President Obama is doing, we need to look into the type of job he has done thus far.
Task: Your task is to create a Glogster poster that highlights at least 5 things President Obama has accomplished in the past 2 years. Your poster should clearly express your personal opinion on whether or not Barack Obama is doing a good job as 44th President of the United States.

Order of Tasks:
1. To begin, you must do some research on President Obama and become familiar with some of his accomplishments as president thus far. Here are a few ideas that may help you in your research…
a. What he had to deal with when he became president- A failing economy, war, national defense…
b. Issues he has addressed- Education, Health care, Immigration, Environmental Hazards (Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill)…
c. More Issues- Poverty, Social Security, Taxes…
d. Successes and his future goals.

2. After your research, gather your thoughts and form your own opinion of President Obama and what he has accomplished thus far. Now, begin to develop your Glog. Your Glog must include the following…
a. Five issues/accomplishments President Obama has faced.
b. One picture.
c. One embedded video.
d. Two external links to your research sources.
e. Clearly highlight your opinion of how well you feel the President is doing.

3. Your project must be completed and submitted online by 6pm Friday, November 5, 2010.
a. In addition to submitting your project to me on Glogster, you must also post a link to your final Glog Project in the discussion board section of the Glogster Poster Project Page of my wikispace.
*If you are having difficulty finding this page on my wikispace, enter the following web address into your browser:
Click the discussion tab at the top of this page, and post the web address to your finished Glog in this section.

Helpful Links-

Glogster Log-in Page:
Official Presidential Website: The White House