Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama Research Paper

~Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama~

Topic/Project Description: By comparing the economic difficulties and issues faced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 to the economic difficulties and issues currently being faced by President Obama, and by analyzing the strategies each used to confront those issues and to accomplish their specific goals, we will begin to realize how studying the past is important and possibly beneficial to our futures.

Overall Question: President Roosevelt seized the time. He used the Great Depression as an opportunity to revolutionize American life for generations to come.

  • In your opinion, did President Obama use the recent economic crisis to accomplish monumental tasks in a similar way to how FDR used The Great Depression to accomplish his goals?
  • In other words, do you think President Obama used his historical knowledge of FDR's presidency to guide his own decision making and to develop similar presidential strategies.

Procedure: Make sure you support your opinion with facts and examples from the sources provided to you. You may use historical knowledge from past research assignments only to guide your thought process throughout this research project. ALL of the evidence that you use to support your opinion in this research paper must come from the research sources that are provided to you.

  1. Research the topic:
    • Read over the question that you are being asked to answer a few times before starting your research and make sure you clearly understand what you are being asked. This will save you lots of time because it will help you determine the important sections of the research sources that you should concentrate on from the less important sections you should quickly skim through.
    • Read through all of the research sources you were given. Be sure to take notes or underline/highlight sections of the reading that you may be able to use later on to support your opinion.
  2. Organize your thoughts and form your opinion:
    • Read over the research question once more and form your opinion based on the research you just did. Sometimes it is easier/better to choose the argument that has more supporting evidence, even if it isn’t how you really feel.
    • Make a graphic organizer or rough outline that organizes your information and facts/examples in a way that makes sense to the reader and has flow.
  3. Write your thesis statement:
    • Using the graphic organizer or information you gathered and organized, determine exactly what your stance is going to be on the topic.
    • Begin to develop your thesis statement by writing a simple sentence that very clearly states your opinion/answer.
    • Review your organizer and double check that the evidence you were planning to use actually supports your thesis statement. You may go back to the research sources to look for better supporting evidence if you need to.
    • Now, if you'd like, you may go back to your thesis statement and reword it in a way that grabs the readers attention but still clearly states your opinion or answer to the research question.

  1. Write the rest of your paper:
    • Use your organizer as a guide to write the rest of your paper.
    • Be sure to use spell check and revise your work. It is always a good idea to have another person read over your paper and help edit your work.
    • Make sure your final draft follows the proper format and meets all of the project requirements.
      • 8 Paragraphs- (minimum of 2 full pages)
      • 12pt. Times New Roman font
      • Double spaced sentences (with standard 1” page margins)

  1. Submitting your paper:
    • Be sure you submit your paper to the proper location and on-time.
      • Final papers will be submitted to
        • Further submission instructions will be given at a later date.

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